Please help support our fundraiser

First off, we need some new equipment to ensure we are ready for the  County-Wide digital switchover (which should be happening soon) as well as a need to consolidate the 2 computers that it currently takes to run all the feeds into 1 standalone unit. We are looking to add a few more feeds, possibly the local amateur repeater, as well as a new county fire and ems, feed that WE HAVE control over (since the other one is down so frequently) We  are also going to have a backup unit so that if any one components would fail we could easily switch out that part and be back up and running within minutes. Finally, we also want to add a battery backup system so even if the power goes out our feeds will still be online and accessible. Please consider clicking the link below and donate if you can to help us reach our goal. Thank you and we look forward to serving the community for many years to come