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Pedestrian Struck

8:56 pm, Station 21- New Philadelphia dispatched to the intersection of Fair Avenue NE and Beaver…

Rescue Call

6:44 pm, Stations 2- Dover and 21- New Philadelphia dispatched to 4365 Murray Road NW for…

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Pedestrian Struck

11:49 PM New Philadelphia FD responding to a reported pedestrian struck near the square in NP

Search and Rescue

11:27 PM Patient was extricated and transported to Mercy9:52 pm, Stations 2- Dover, 1- Bolivar, 17-…

Public Service

11:47 pm, Station 2- Dover enroute to 508 East 4th Street to assist with a lock…

Pedestrian Struck

8:54 pm, Station 21- New Philadelphia and Station 2- Dover dispatched to 1811 East High Avenue…

Pedestrian Struck

5:08 pm, Stations 3- Dennison and 60- Smith Ambulance dispatched to 222 Logan Street in Dennison…

Water Rescue

8:26 AM, Station 7, Gnaden, Station 8 Warwick Township, water rescue/boat capsized near Gnaden boat ramp.

Pedestrian Struck

6:07 PM, Station 19 Unrichsville, Pedestrian Struck on Main Street at the Moose Lodge.

Pedestrian Struck

9:23 pm, Station 21- New Philadelphia dispatched to the intersection of East High Avenue and Baltzley…


Medflight is enroute to assist Stations 17- Stonecreek and 150- Tri County Ambulance for a stabbing…

Pedestrian Struck

6:43 AM, Station 21 New Phila, Pedestrian Struck @ 1108 3rd St NW, New Phila.