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As the page moderator, We have the right to remove any comments containing profane or vile language, disrespect toward an individual or a group, assumption, or any other type of comment that may be deemed inappropriate. Please be civil.

Vehicle Descriptions: While we do not regularly go into vehicle descriptions involved in accidents, we do allow that information on posts. For any passerby who may have seen the description of the vehicle (s), we do allow that information to be shared as long as it is appropriate. 99.9% of the time we don’t hear or pay attention to vehicle descriptions.

SWAT and sensitive police incidents: SWAT incidents or similar police circumstances are not posted on this site until after the situation has been resolved. We do this to protect officer safety, our #1 priority.

We are NOT affiliated with any governmental agency, public safety department, or media/news channel.

We do NOT post specific patient information. We post what is going on, not who is involved.

We DO allow the submission of citizen tips and pictures; however, pictures clearly taken from the driver’s seat will never be posted. Do not use your phone while driving. A passenger picture is encouraged.

We never posts pictures of fatality incidents.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact us using the Contact tab above.

Common Questions :

What is code 20? Or a signal 21?
In our area the local Police and Sheriff use Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association (BSSA) radio codes, a list can be found here

What type of vehicles involved?
99.9% of the time we do not hear or pay attention to vehicle descriptions. However, we do allow very general vehicle descriptions by passerbys. Of course, we aren’t going to allow license plates or other distinguishing features. Just the basics. To read more about that, scroll up a little ways on this same page and you’ll see our stance.

If we have anything further to provide, rest assured we will post updates! There is no reason to comments “Updates?” – if you don’t see any additional information from us, it is because we don’t have it.

More Questions?
You can email us at tcountyscanner@gmail.com or on twitter @tcountyscanner.com

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