COVID 19- Update

Thank you for continuing to follow the steps to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy during these challenging times. During this past week, we are continuing to experience an increase in case numbers here in Tuscarawas County. The increase serves as a critical reminder of the importance of our efforts to social distance, wear masks, avoid large gatherings, and stay home whenever possible. Rest assured, we are working with each case to ensure timely contact tracing takes place to help prevent further spread of the virus. 

Attached you will find the weekly report. Additionally, a graph that shows positive Tuscarawas County cases as of 5 pm yesterday, 5/7/20. For up to date information, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/tchdnow, on our website at www.tchdnow.org, or visit coronavirus.ohio.gov

You will also find the township map (current as of 8 am on May 5, 2020) attached to this message. On the map, the picture can be confusing. The words “Dover” and “New Philadelphia” are written in the white area with small arrows that point to the red areas where the cities are located. The townships colored in red mark all of the areas where we have positive cases. We are often asked about the specific geographical location of the cases. While we cannot release the number of cases in each area or release zip code data, we feel confident that we have enough cases that we are able to confirm the townships in which the positive (or recovered cases) reside without compromising the privacy of the confirmed cases. However, there is evidence of community spread, and the cases are geographically spread out across the Tuscarawas County community.

-Bucks Township*
-Clay Township*
-Dover Township*
-Lawrence Township*
-New Philadelphia*
-Goshen Township*
-Mill Township*
-Oxford Township*
-Union Township*
-Sugarcreek Township*
-Warren Township*
-Warwick Township*
-Wayne Township*

Please remember, as we are slowly opening up the economy, wearing a cloth mask/face covering is an important step that can help slow the spread of COVID-19. Since there are many people who may have COVID-19 and not even know it, wearing a mask can prevent transmitting the virus to others. Remember, a mask does not protect you, but protects others from you. Let’s all work together and protect one another!