Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Join us this month to help increase awareness about Breast Cancer.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. There is a free program that will provide free mammograms and pap tests for women in need. The program is a nationwide program called The Breast and Cervical Cancer Project. The program works with local healthcare providers in your area and offers free screenings and exams to lower-income and uninsured women. Once enrolled in the program they help schedule appointments for you and everything is paid for. If there would be additional testing needed they pay for that too. If diagnosed with cancer they will ever pay for treatments as well. It is a wonderful program that helps many women each year to get their routine exams who otherwise would not have received if it wasn’t for the BCCP. Please visit their website at My Body Matters to apply for a free mammogram. Please tell the women in your life about this program and make sure they’re getting screened. It may just save their life!

Breast Cancer, when found early, is the easiest to treat. Mammograms can detect cancer before you even have any symptoms. I urge all women over 40 to make sure you get annual mammograms.